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Yoga Class Schedule for November and December 2015

Hi Yogis-
Here is the new schedule for November and December of 2015.  Each class is $15 and will be run like a workshop.  Classes will be two hours.  Classes will build upon the previous week so best not to miss one!  And, practicing what we’ve learned in between would be helpful too.
11/7 10-Noon: Foundations in the Hands and Feet and Their Relationship to Strong Poses
You’ve probably never thought of your feet at the basis for your pose for standing poses, or your hands as the base in arm balances…but they are!  The weight distribution and the energetic “bandhas” in the hands and feet play a role in balance, rooting, and alignment in your poses!  We will activate our feet and hands in some basic poses and then lead up to more intermediate poses. 
12/19 10-Noon: The Five Key Actions to Improve Every Pose
There are five main key actions in your legs and arms during your yoga poses.  These actions help to gain a better perspective on the poses and your position in them.  The are: Grace, Inner and Outer Spiral, Muscular energy, organic extension.  If you know you have trouble with a particular pose, it’s probably because one of these things are not working for you.  We’ll practice in a workshop format and analyze some of our tricky poses for better alignment.
1/1 10-Noon: New Year’s Day Mandala Vinyasa!
A mandala is a repetitive pattern that is made of sacred and geometric shapes.  It is art work that you see with your eye, but process on a deeper level.  Your body can move in geometric shapes, allowing you to see different perspectives of yourself, your yoga mat, and the yoga studio.  The best thing about mandalas is they unlock patterns in our minds and in our energy bodies. For instance, after a mandala yoga class, you might have a strangely revealing dream because of the subtle body effects.
Classes will be held in my Longmont home studio.  I have room for 10 students, so bring a friend!  Please contact me with your interest in attending.