Redefining Value and the Prosperity Matrix for Yogis

We meditate.  We connect with our favorite Hindu deities.  We read and try to decipher many sacred texts to extract the secrets.  We create altars and sit in front of them saying we want to change this, that or the other thing.  But how many of you have actually experienced the change you seek?  There is a tendency to think we are not of value if we can’t achieve our goals–these goals usually have to do with money and things.  Then, when we do achieve our goals we zip forward to the next goal without really feeling deeply into what we just achieved.

How are we supposed to enjoy the fruits of our labor if we can’t even identify with our successes?

Achieving a yoga asana (posture) is easy for most of us.  The feeling of achievement is short-lived, and we go on to achieve other more difficult postures.  Repeating the cycle over and over until we are doing the most difficult poses and most of the time not feeling challenged in a yoga class.  So what is gained by this constant reaching for something?  I am going to leave this question for you to answer.  Maybe you have youthful energy to burn.  What will you do once that youth is gone?  For me, it’s not the yoga asana success I seek.  I need to go a little deeper to find what is at the heart of my discontent.

I have made a bunch of risky life choices recently.  I quit my full-time great paying job to pursue my life’s passion.  You’ve heard this all before.  You’ve even heard how you should not follow your dreams.  But I’m going to pitch it in a different way.  This new lifestyle has challenged my Prosperity Matrix.  The Prosperity Matrix is essentially your belief system having to do with how you make a living.  It’s complicated by past life conditioning, by your parent’s belief systems and how you’ve learned about money and its connection to your worth and value.  Before now, in various jobs I was agreeing to give my personal energy to serve someone else’s cause.  Over and over again, I thought I was getting a better job or I’d be happier with more money.  I know you already know how this story ends!  In the end, I was never happier or better off.  The reason people can’t follow their dreams with success has to do with their Prosperity Matrix also known as Prosperity Consciousness.  It needs to be reprogrammed in each of us.  This takes work and discipline of a physical and energetic nature (details to follow in the next blog).  For now, we need to look at VALUE.

The one big thing I was missing was self-value.  This is what great teachers have, and what everyone else is lacking.  To see this, is an “Ah-Ha” moment that is crucial to your long-term happiness. 

 As a test, I looked up what is means to be valuable online.  It does not say, becoming of service to others, or assisting in some grand scheme to stop nuclear war, following your life’s passion, or to have the power to end bigotry.  No.  It says–adjective, worth a great deal of money, noun, a thing of great worth.  I have decided that I don’t like this definition and will make my own.  Or  maybe, I’ll just change how I define VALUE to match my truth.

I already know what the truth is NOT.  It is not the definition that I found online that wants to keep me preoccupied chasing job after job hoping to find value in myself–hoping that someone outside of me will find value in me.  The secret is, they don’t understand value either, so how will they recognize it in me?!

I need to define what VALUE means to me and then I need to hold true to it, no matter what others say.  My value needs to transcend any yoga posture I achieve, any new job offer I receive, any criticism to my belief.  That is a radical redefining of my Prosperity Matrix and I’m doing it.  I tease more apart every day.  I have decided so far that no matter what happens here on this planet, I will no longer believe that I am not of value because I don’t have money.  I am of value when I help others, I am of value when I follow my life’s purpose–which keeps unfolding like a great novel!

And, the truth is, once you value yourself, others will too.

This is because you will only make choices that make sure you are valued!  It’s not about someone seeing that you are valuable, it’s the opposite.  Its about you seeing yourself as valuable and making choices that are in alignment with your value.  Which is quite freeing.

On  my tombstone will not say “Net worth $3 Billion” it will say “She followed her passion with responsibility and valued herself and as a result, others were lifted up as well.”  Choosing the path not taken has made all the difference as it forges new pathways for others to choose.