Why Are We Not Enlightened Yet?

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There are many people taking up spiritual practices.  They dedicate themselves to the practices–so why are we not enlightened yet?  As far as I can tell by using my own study over the years, there are three main reasons and probably many other smaller reasons.

1. People tend to think of enlightenment like the big bang, but really its a never ending process that is more like a slowly melting glacier.

2. People take on someone else’s path to enlightenment rather than discovering their own.

3. People would rather accept some false truths about God, than to really sit and contemplate and create their own connection.

Lets take a deeper look at these three reasons.

In the first issue enlightenment is ongoing–its a process of opening.  It takes time for a human to realize that he/she is way more than just a lump of flesh.  We are energetic multi-dimensional beings.  Whoa!  Stop the presses!  Wha?!  Exactly.  It takes time to understand and comprehend these concepts of truth.  You need to read, feel and understand your energetic self.  You need to do your own research and come to your own discoveries.  Just telling you about these secrets is not enough.  You need to understand them.  You need to feel them in your body.  Have you ever tried to feel the energy moving in your body?  It’s possible, and the best way to understand your energetic nature.  Practice this until you understand it.  There is a big difference between knowledge and understanding-and reading and regurgitating is NOT understanding.

In the second issue we are filled, literally filled, with thoughts, ideas and beliefs that are not our own.  If you could see your body and your field, you’d see tons of things in your field that are not yours.  They are someone else’s beliefs, fears and ideals that were shared with you or forced upon you –they are NOT you, and most of them bring you down instead of lift you up.  No wonder we have such a volatile and rebellious society!  Your task is to sift though these and figure out what is yours and what is not.  And then get rid of what is not yours.  Just like you are not required to pay someone else’s car payment or taxes, you are also not required to work out someone else’s beliefs or fears.  But know that on some level, you agreed with their ideas or you would not be carrying them around.  This is why it’s great to use your discernment.  Time to break those agreements that no longer serve you.  Just declare with your voice and your actions that those patterns no longer serve you and you want them to return to the higher self of the person they belong to.  You know that the person meant well by sharing these fears with you, but didn’t understand the damage they did when sharing that dysfunctional pattern.  Forgive them and move on.

In the third case God has become a dirty word.  It is being removed from classrooms and when you say the word God in public arenas, you might get a raised eyebrow.  It’s just no longer chic to talk about God.  This is probably due to religious groups claiming that God is something to be feared, something that will punish you if you don’t stay in line (see #2 above).  This only serves to keep you further from the truth.  You have free will no matter what anyone says.  No one gets ahead by being a good “rule follower” you just end up doing someone else’s bidding.  God will never punish you for seeking him/her.  It’s the rules of being on the planet that have backlash effects and swinging cycles of ebb and flow that make it seem that God is punishing.  Learn the rules of being on Earth in order to flourish!  This is a game and you need to learn the rules in order to play well.  Let God go from that incorrect notion of his/her role in your so-called punishment.  Here, in this time on Earth you must evaluate your relationship with God if you are to evolve.  How do you feel when you think about God?  Do you feel abandoned, loved, frustrated, or unsupported?  This is your very work.  No one can do this for you, but here is where you should start.  How do you know you’re making progress?  Your feelings.  How do you feel?  Are you generally happier?  If so you are on the right path.  When you become bored with life, frustrated with your job–perhaps yet another job is not the answer this time…perhaps a deeper connection with God is.