Keep Your Aging Brain Healthy Through Meditation

Better Quality of Life

Better Quality of Life

Did you know that we start losing brain cells at age 20?!  According to two different studies by Harvard and UCLA,  meditation has shown to help keep the aging brain healthy, longer than non-meditators.  What does this mean for you?  It means an increased quality of life into your later years.

Harvard has been studying the effects of meditation and there are several articles about their studies at this link:  The general gist of all the articles are that meditation helps one to gain a better sense of self, reduces stress, improves memory and helps keep gray matter longer than non-meditators.

The UCLA study shows MRI photographs of meditator and non-meditators brains and compares areas of the brain that are affected by age and reduced gray matter:  As you can imagine, more areas of the brain are affected by age related gray matter loss in non-meditators.

In my opinion, the easiest thing you can do to keep your brain healthy as you age, is to meditate for 15-30 minutes a day.  Thankfully, this is something easy you can do for yourself that yields excellent rewards.  If you would like more help with your meditation practice, many resources are available on my webpage if you would like to purchase them.  Costs are minimal, as I feel passionate to get these resources out to those that want them.  Once purchased, you own it for life.

Here’s to your quality of life into your later years!