Yoda Yoga: Yoga ‘Wisdom’ Series!

When I was a kid watching Star Wars I wanted more of Yoda.  I was sad when he disappeared, quite literally, from the movie all together.  What is it about this very lovable character that had me wishing for more–even as a kid? I loved that Yoda was calm, introspective and had so much wisdom.  Though small, he had powers beyond belief.

Somehow, even though I knew he was just a movie character, there was something very real about him.  He had secret knowledge.  He knew something I didn’t and I had to find out what!

As an adult interested in yoga and in working with the unseen realities of the world we live in, I am still drawn to this powerful little being.  Knowing the secrets of vibration and how we can use universal life force can bring us closer to being like the wise one we know as Yoda.  My unique way of blending yoga and energy teachings can and will teach you to be more Yoda-like.

Classes have launched on 8/9/2014.  Finally wisdom yoga for the rest of us! Find sample classes on YouTube under April Laliberte Yoga Inclusive and for sale on the SHOP tab of this website.

“You must feel the force around you.”

Yoda YogaApril– Yoga Inclusive