Steps to Heal Your Ailments Through Yoga


So many times we complain about our ailments.  I’m tossing myself into the guilty category, too.  We focus on what is wrong and try to correct those individual things.  We say “I’ve done everything I can think of to cure my (fill in the blank) and I’m so frustrated that it’s not yet healed.”  How many times have YOU said these words?  I know I’ve said them a lot.

What I didn’t know is that healing is very close at hand for all of us.  And I’m on the path to recovery, not just to one of my ailments, but to them all.  This is a very bold statement for someone that does not yet show the physical manifestation of being “healed.”  So I’ll explain my healing journey here, for everyone to see and copy.

1. First off, you are an energetic being–this is important to start to embrace.  Energy is not created or destroyed, but it does change form.  We can change the direction and form of what energy is creating in our bodies when we start to embrace the fact that we are energy.

2. Your thoughts and beliefs are creating the experience you have every day.  Have you ever wondered why one person sits in traffic on the way to work and another reports to have no encounter with traffic and they took the same route?  This is what I mean.  Perception is INDIVIDUAL.  You can and will change your beliefs through conscious attention to your thoughts.  Did you know that most of your beliefs are simply borrowed from other people?!  Start to give those defective beliefs back!

3.  Your emotions are important.  They tell you about your beliefs.  If you get upset about the same thing constantly, that is a belief you are holding on to that probably does not serve you.  Bring attention to your emotions and start to recognize what ticks you off.  Then slowly, very slowly, bring more attention to when you are getting upset and be less and less invested in that belief system.

4.  Get the tools you need to work with your energy.  There are two main tools I use: Yoga and Reiki.  I’ve learned so much about energy and yoga that I’ve combined these two very important practices into one.  This serves humanity in several ways as we learn to navigate our lives.  First, the yoga through asana, pranayama and meditation teaches us to become more aware of what is happening and what we are feeling.  Additionally, as kinetic beings, movement helps us to process information.   Second, the energetics and the teachings of quantum energy teaches us we do have a creative voice and are not subject to the “random” outside influences of our lives.  It teaches us how to create, and uses the method of information to help you understand what is happening.  Thus, this special method of Energy Infused Yoga teaches you to feel with your subtle bodies and to use your mind to create.

5.  Line up with your True Self and vow to feel good.  By setting your intention to align with your true self you start to come into an alignment of who you really are.  You start to release a rat’s nest of outdated habits and thoughts and, best of all, you release those that are not even yours to begin with!  Getting back into alignment is a process and you will go back through these steps a bunch of times while you remember and forget, and remember and forget.  That IS the process!

Once you can take the sacred step to vow to remember and line up with who you really are, and use your feelings to guide you to feel even better every day–you are indeed on the road to healing.  Not just one of your ailments, but all of them.  There is no turning back, and the road is a bumpy one!  Thank God there are people and tools to help us through this extremely important and necessary process.

Start your process today by beginning your commitment!

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