A la Carte Yoga – Add-On Arm Balances for All Levels


Product Description

Feeling strong?  Arm balances will challenge your arm strength and your wrist flexibility.  This all levels class is designed for beginner to advanced yogis–and is a great preparation video for the Arm Balance Challenge Sequence.

  • This class is for all levels.
  • Listen to your body and do what you can do, watch the rest!  It’s OK–you’ll be able to do more and more as you get stronger.
  • Do this class after a Middle (warm up) class of your choice.
  • Finish this class with another Add-on sequence, the Arm Balance Challenge Sequence (Advanced Yogis) or a Cool Down section.
  • This class is 14 minutes.

Enjoy!  Namaste.

What is A La Carte Yoga? 

A La Carte yoga is broken into different sections so yogi’s choose their beginning, middle and end sections of their class.  For purposes of my classes, Intro means the beginning of a class, Middle means the warm up portion and Cool Down means the end.  You can add “add-on” sequences after the Middle section that focus on different aspects of yoga such as twists, backbends, etc.  There are even Advanced Challenge sections that can be added to the all levels add-on sequences for more advanced yogi’s that want more of a challenge.

How are the Classes Broken Down?

All of the Intro’s are all levels and are appropriate for every yogi…beginner to advanced.  They include a centering and gentle movement to start your practice.

The Middle’s (warm ups) are specific to beginner, intermediate (vinyasa), and advanced (active) practices.  They include sun salutations and aim to warm and stretch your body.

The Add-Ons are all levels and include twists, backbends, standing balance poses, arm balances, inversions and hip opener sequences.

The Advanced Challenge sequences are for Advanced students and are designed to accompany an all levels Add-On class.  The idea for the Advanced Challenge sequence is to take the advanced student further into more difficult postures.

The Cool Downs are all levels and are appropriate for every yogi…beginner to advanced.  They include some forward folding, gentle twists, breathwork, meditation and Savasana.

What’s My Level?

Beginner=0-1.5 years of dedicated practice.  Beginners are still learning pose names and working on basic pose alignment.  They are still building flexibility and strength in their arms and legs.  Beginners can be athletic or not and will naturally excel in one of the areas that yoga asana (physical practice) requires…these being strength, flexibility, balance, focus.

Intermediate=1.5-3 years of dedicated practice.  Intermediate students know all of the basic pose names and alignment.  They are strong in their arms and legs and usually excel at some poses, and are gaining confidence in other areas.  They know what they are good at and what they need to work on.

Advanced=3-5 and above year’s of dedicated practice.  Yoga teachers are usually at this level.  They know their body really well and know their limitations.  Their challenge is to gently expand beyond their limitations and with in-depth explanation, they can excel in advanced poses.  Advanced yogi’s know what their body parts are doing in a pose-to the detail of the position of their little toe.