Living Soul Purpose-Ups, Downs, and Embodying Arjuna’s Journey

The Bhagavad Gita, at its heart, encourages us to take action to find our purpose. It takes action to come into alignment with our truth.  We are constantly choosing and acting. Conversely, by choosing inaction, you are actually making a choice, albeit complacency or apathy!

Then, why, when we choose…no, decree…something for ourselves, it inadvertently pushes others around us to be more, take responsibility, or otherwise look at themselves?  This is not usually appreciated.  But, isn’t this the very change the Bhagavad Gita asks us to make? It looks good on paper, but in reality we shake a lot of trees making these positive changes for ourselves! As it has a ripple effect in our sphere of influence.

I notice the more I take responsibility for myself as the creator of the life I want, I see inaction or maybe it’s incongruence— all around me. As I learn to put on the crown of authority and trust in myself as a leader of my personal destiny, any situation that does not fit my soul’s purpose starts to fall away. And part of that is calling out these mismatched energies between me and another—not that I feel everyone is out to get me–it’s more like a demand of mutual respect and a defining of my boundaries.

Emotional outbursts, disappointment, and feeling like I’ve chosen the incorrect path are all part of this process. How can this be so, when I’ve had such moments of clarity? Why is self-doubt creeping in when I can literally feel a strong pillar of internal strength of purpose that makes me stand a little taller? Yet, like Arjuna, I find myself in moments, crumpling to the floor of my chariot in inaction, indifference, and mental anguish trying to define my path.

Personally, I believe this rocking from sheer clarity to utter despair is normal when trying to root deeply into our purpose. There is a lot of clearing of old garbage that has to be worked through. Emotions are timeless! When the light enters, the darkness is put in the spotlight to be cleared.  This is not a pretty process.

What happens when we no longer want to fit into the empire of the worker bee and want to find our purpose? We choose Krishna on our team and let him educate us in the wee hours of the morning. We take the higher path because those around us living in delusion and egocentrism do NOT have our best interests, and never have. Seeing and recognizing this is freedom.  We need to change company to make sure we DO have a team (ie. group of like-minded equals) that support mutual best interests.

Those of you that know me, know I’m a good “team player.” I work to advance those around me.  I was a good government worker—working hard for little profit. I have struggled and struggled with trying to break free of this pattern of serving others in their agenda. Even if it was just my perception of serving them! I did not feel the playing field was equal. Now, I’m ready to move forward and allow myself to be an equal with those that I’ve held in such high regard. I’ve known for a long time that those in “power” do not have my best interests, I don’t like the pyramid of hierarchy—I like the balanced scales of equality. I need to speak up for myself. Now is the time and it is so difficult. I find myself apologizing—a lot! But, I’m not just doing this for myself, I’m doing it to forge a new path forward so others can follow the unbeaten path of truth, shared prosperity, and right action.

In conclusion, it’s about finding truth. Are you being truthful with yourself? With others? Is there is a deep seated resentment at not being treated as equal, or being respected? My suggestions is that you sit in meditation and find YOUR truth and find equality. You will know its right when the pieces of the puzzle start coming together. You can serve, without feeling lack, and you will be appropriately reciprocated.

Finding truth, choosing Krishna for your team, and picking up the reins of your chariot will be indications that you are on the right path. Serve, be love, but demand to be treated equal by your standards of fairness for all.  Because being a doormat serves no one.