Transformational Yoga!


By April Laliberte owner of April Laliberte Yoga Inclusive

(photo credit Jon Allen,

Yoga has many facets to reveal. Like a diamond ring viewed up close, it has many different aspects within.  One yoga facet might be more prominent than another based on a number of factors including: your ability to adapt and your teacher’s ability to reveal. One facet not well known is the subtle energy aspect of yoga.  It takes the longest of the facets to reveal itself, like sweet sandalwood slowly oozing out of a bottle; but the rewards are great if you can stick it out and wait.

Yoga is a tool. It is a tool we use to deal with the fluctuations of a crazy world. It is a tool to learn about others; to accept and appreciate differences. It is a tool to understand our lives and better connect with aspects of ourselves as they are forever unfolding. Energy, likewise, is a tool. It is a tool we can use to deal with emotions, pain and physical situations in which we find ourselves. It is a tool that can facilitate healing in our bodies. This energy tool can be learned and energy thus directed with our intention.

Yoga practiced with a focus on energy is very powerful “medicine” and it is your birthright. Humanity is ready to learn some of the methods used to direct energy through the vehicle of yoga. Yoga students are ripe for this information since they routinely practice acute focus on different parts of the physical body through sensations. There are literally hundreds of ways to use energy as a tool and I am very excited to bring this information to you.

Using, directing and transforming energy is sacred knowledge; just as yoga is sacred knowledge. Yoga has its own language: Sanskrit. Energy teachings also have their own words and terms to describe different events and levels of existence. For instance, did you know that you are a multidimensional being? Yes, you. The energy that radiates off of your physical body is similar to the infrared spectrum of sunlight, in that it can be categorized into different rays, vibrational frequencies and colors. Human beings are even more bright and energetic than our naked eye processes!

Learning about energy is a process. It takes time to learn, just as your asana practice took time to learn. You had to learn the poses, you had to learn the names, and then, you learned about the muscles that were used, the flexibility that was needed. And now, to continue the unfolding of your yoga–to learn yet another facet of yoga and your being, the energetic aspect is waiting to be discovered. It is a whole new aspect that is exciting, scary, and even revelatory!  Pieces of your yoga practice that you never noticed become noticeable so you can correct them.

This is where the transformation really comes into your practice.  Healing becomes a reality because at the deepest level of your being you find you are the reason for the dis-ease, and thus you have the power to change that reality for yourself.  Then the cycle of revelation and discovery begins and gets deeper and deeper until you finally remember who you are.