Embrace and Savor Sensation


By April Laliberte owner of April Laliberte Yoga Inclusive

Embrace and Savor Sensation

Before we get to all the juicy stuff that yoga unfolds for us, we have to learn to feel–and I don’t mean feelings,  I mean sensations.  There are many different things going on in your body at any given time, and in order to progress in our yoga practice, we need to become laser focused in order to recognize them.  This is the process of deepening our awareness.

The increased awareness of your body and it’s creaks, groans, and quickening pulses is just the beginning of a whole new world.  Can you imagine what it would be like to expand your awareness so much that you can feel or even prevent a common cold?  Or increase your energy at will to make it through a long day?  This is the type of transformational work that you can begin to practice when your awareness increases.

This potential is already in you, waiting for you to remember.  It’s a seed that needs attention.  It needs your desire and directed consciousness for it to bloom.  Once it is discovered, there is no going back.  It’s like the red pill in the movie the Matrix, the Pandora’s box, the Holy Grail.  Where do you think these metaphors came from?  There is some truth to the stories about there being a source of power, but the power is inside you and it’s sleeping.  Time to wake up!

My yoga is deep.  It will help you transform into a powerful being that is multidimensional, responsible, enduring, and loving.  Having traveled the path myself, with well documented notes and tools, I can lead you safely into this journey into yourself.

I teach the yogi how to use energetic vibration in the form of spoken word, intention, and emotional passion for transformation. At this level of study, we learn to CONSCIOUSLY change our physical and energetic bodies, to influence our lives and to finally FEEL GOOD!