What Yoga Asana Will Remove Fat From My Body?

No one yoga pose can remove all fats from your body.  However, breathwork, or Pranayama could work for you. You need to look up what breathwork is best for you. I personally like dirga swasam or three-part breathing. It is a great place to start.

You must start slow and work up to a longer session of Pranayama. This work will tone the nervous system and flush out of your body old toxic thoughts, which are at the root of most excess stored fats.

Keep in mind, we are our ancestor’s STORY. The ancestors are YOU! All of the unresolved work that needs to be done is literally stored in the cells of your body. Thus, your body is “happy and comfortable” with a certain amount of body fat as protection—to put this in genetic terms—your DNA dictates how much fat you should have for “optimum.” You can change this “optimum” but you are literally changing your DNA by breathing through the unresolved emotions, behavior patters, etc.

When you breathe deeply you are digging up stuff that has been “saved” in your body. Think about stored wastes in your body and specifically your digestive tract. This is the place where wastes and fat will be processed and expelled when you start to process these repressed emotions through Pranayama. Your emotional patterns have a direct effect upon your physical body.

Ultimately, there is only ONE yoga pose, and all the others make it possible to achieve this one pose…Padmasana or Lotus. In this pose you meditate and breathe.

Be gentle with yourself. I’m happy to answer any questions.

(This is a question I answered at Quora.com 7/29/2017.)