April’s Inspiration

My journey is not unlike yours.  I have tried many things and have experienced both failure and success.  The failures helped to redirect my path, the successes reaffirmed that I was indeed on my path.  I’ve met many people on my journey that have shaped my interests and talents.  Their names and relevant web links are included below.

nature yoga inspiration photo


Kripalu-http://www.kripalu.org/ Looking for a retreat on the east coast? Look to Kripalu in Lennox MA.  I got my start here and loved the carefully prepared foods, loving atmosphere and tranquil environment.  Stay overnight in their dorm or private rooms, walk their meticulously manicured grounds and partake in the ancient practice of purification by hot tub and steam room.

Bob Hoffa-http://www.bobhoffayoga.com/ Bob Hoffa and I go way back to 2005.  He is one of the most inspiring yoga teachers I’ve ever taken class with.  He teaches from the heart and it’s effortless for him.  He is currently located in Salt Lake City, UT.  Bob is extra creative with his classes and teaches you to lovingly get into and out of poses in interesting new ways.  The one thing that I really liked about Bob’s classes is that you feel really good after taking them!  Yoga should feel good!!

Robin Alexis-http://www.robinalexis.com/ I cannot say enough about Robin.  Robin and I go back to 1997; we met through a mutual friend in a group of Reiki practitioners.  I took a few Reiki classes with her and she gave me several energy readings and healing sessions.  Most of what I’ve learned about energy comes through Robin.  She is amazingly gifted and I recommend her highly.  Knowing Robin and following her teachings has literally changed my life.  She empowers her clients–so rare in today’s very competitive society.

Abraham Hicks-http://www.abraham-hicks.com/lawofattractionsource/index.php Energy galore!  This group of beings that call themselves Abraham and utilize Esther Hicks as their channel is an amazing source of TRUTH.  Want your daily dose of it? Visit them on YouTube today.

Jeanie Manchester-http://www.jeaniemanchester.com/ Check out my favorite yoga teacher in Boulder, CO!  Jeanie is adept at leading her class with personal stories, heart and 20+ years of experience.  I’ve known Jeanie since 2011 and have studied intensely with her through three Anusara Immersions and a Teacher Training.  She is a wealth of knowledge and a very talented yoga practitioner.  She is a living, breathing example of how we can keep the balance between work, life, family, and spirituality.

Camden Hoch-https://camdenhoch.com/ Camden Hoch is a certified life coach and Radiant life coach, she’s the founder and creator of the Radiant Life and Biz Coaching Program.  Her mission is to help women breakthrough the walls of their limiting beliefs to get really clear on what matters most, what they love to do and start doing it while making money and serving the planet.  I studied with Camden for a few months while taking one of her programs.  Camden is knowledgeable, straightforward, honest and extremely encouraging.  She’s also leads by example by balancing her businesses, being an author, mom, wife and certified yoga instructor.  I recommend her to those looking to take their businesses to the next level.

Nomadic Import Traders-http://www.nomadicimporttradersllc.com/ My husband Jon and I started this company in 2011. We travel to Thailand and other far away places in search of spirituality and handicrafts.  Some of the beautiful Buddhas and clothing I wear in my videos are NIT products.  Being animal lovers, we give a percentage of our profits to elephant sanctuaries and support socially conscious produced items.  Feel good about your purchase and bring an eclectic and energetic touch to your home environment with a historical hand carved item from NIT!

Cozy Orange– http://www.cozyorange.com I am a “Cozy Orange Luminary” with this company.  They make the most comfortable yoga tops and pants for women and their company mission serves humanity in so many ways.  Check them out!

Yoga Download-http://yogadownload.com I am a teacher with Yoga Download.  They are an online yoga company bringing yoga to a world-wide audience every day!  They are a great company from the class organizers to the folks that record and edit the videos.  I love working with them but the best part of YDL is that they offer a variety of styles and teachers!  We are all ONE.

Reiki– http://www.reikialliance.com/en/article/our-organization Reiki is a powerful energy tool that teaches the practitioner how to use energy.  Reiki teaches that energy can be harnessed, controlled and used for healing.  Symbols are used to call forth specific energies, just as a radio picks up different frequencies we too can tune into different qualities of energies.