A Precursor to Prosperity

Before we can begin to embrace prosperity and the mantra of abundance in our lives we need to believe that we are powerful enough to spark change for ourselves.


You’ve heard it all before…people enroll in a fitness program so someone can “kick our butts” into better shape. The truth is, we put our trust in others before belief in ourselves. However there is a fine line between being ignorant and overly confident, and not having enough confidence in ourselves.

After we learn the skills that kill ignorance, the next stage of our evolution is starting to believe in ourselves because truly, we are the only ones that can make change happen in our lives. Even if we hire dozens of people to teach us different things, or maybe the same things over and over, we need to eventually make the switch in our brains where we become self-confident in our abilities.

Let’s look at an example. I read a story about a little boy that had cancer. The doctors told the parents that the boy would not live. The parents were devastated. They trusted the doctor. In the meantime, they chose not to tell the boy and he started drawing battle scenes. The parents hid the doctors truth from their son. They should have asked the boy for his truth, because he lived. Later when his parents brought him home they asked their son, what was it you were drawing in the hospital? The boy says something to the effect of “that was me fighting off the cancer. I was cutting through the bad cells I didn’t want.” The boy still had control of his own destiny because no one told him he didn’t have control, or that was going to die, so he made the decision to live.

“It took me 8 years of running to call myself a runner, does this sound familiar to you?”

At some point you need to look at yourself with objectivity and not from the lens of your limited belief systems. In order to do this, it’s helpful to analyze and share what our beliefs are. This exercise will show you how you are limited. From here, you can decide the truth for yourself and rewrite your story about how powerful you really are.

I’ve found if you challenge people, they rise to the challenge, even if they are initially afraid. With proper modeling and instruction, people can flower. I’ve seen middle aged women challenge their own fears of going upside down.   They have busted through their own self-imposed barriers and surprised themselves with how strong they really are.

I have also seen people in my yoga classes have an “Ah-ha!” moment that lit up their eyes with understanding and inspiration. The moment they get into a pose for the first time, not even knowing they can do it. Or the first time they time the breath with movement and “get it.”

Yoga Pose 3

Are you ready to put your beliefs to the test to see which ones will hold up as truth and which ones are limiting you? I challenge you to take a look in the first week of Prosperity Consciousness Yoga Workshop. You can find more information here: http://yogainclusive.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/Prosperity-Yoga-Workshop-Flier.pdf and here: http://www.jeaniemanchester.com/events/prosperity-consciousness-yoga-workshop-with-april-laliberte/