2016 The Year of CHANGE!

It’s the time of year to set new goals for 2016!

And I’m proposing a challenge for 2016 to finally set the changes we want into motion.  It seems like a lot of us are on the gerbil wheel spinning round and round and it’s time to make some choices.  Change starts with you.  You’ve heard this before, but it’s at the very core of change.  YOU have to choose.

But that is exactly the challenge isn’t it, choosing!?  What fuels our choices?  How do we know that the choices we make are the “right” ones?  What about our future–can we ensure that we are making the best possible choices for our selves and our family?  These answers can be boiled down to a very simple yet complex idea of Dharma.

Dharma has many definitions, but basically, in my own words, it means one’s path in life.  The path that yields the most success and fulfillment.  Thus, if you make choices from this place of dharma, you cannot go wrong.  The problem is, of course, finding your dharma.

Most of us have made decisions from a different place.  We have a debt to repay, whether we take over the family business, or have financial obligations from our schooling, it seems like we make decisions from a place of obligation instead of dharma.  When we make decisions from this place of debt, we are not fulfilled in the long term and lead fearful lives that we will probably regret to some degree.  How can we not live with regret?!  We make better decisions.

The way to make better decisions starts with tuning into our hearts.  If you watch a movie and it really tugs on your heart strings, pay attention to that.  You can also use other ways to “feel” what your dharma is.  One of these ways is through meditation.  We are generally so disconnected from our bodies, which is to our detriment, as it’s a great way to tune into our natural tendencies.  For example, your body can speak to you, and you to it.  If you doubt this, what do you think an upset stomach is?  Does it get your attention?

This 2016 I will post items for contemplation and discussion on my Facebook page that will keep us moving along the decision tree and most importantly–keep us moving forward.  There will be writing, reading and meditations.  Probably some yoga classes with a focus on dharma and making better decisions.

Namaste and Happy New Year 2016–

It will be interesting to see how many people do this with me and are still intentionally working to change their lives in August of 2016!